Linux Operation Guide

Add User Authoriation

root mode: su

Add Write Authoriation chmod u+w /etc/sudoers



Minus Write Authoriation

Chmod u-w /etc/sudoers

Add user to group

usermod -G wheel spacey (Haven't practise)

Install package

yum install XXXX

Software List

  • git (yum install git-all)
    • init config
    • according to docs
  • install zsh shell
    • need reboot
  • install oh-my-zsh
    • Reference Link
    • oh-my-zsh install cmd: sh -c "$(curl -fsSL
  • python related
    • make sure python version
    • install pyenv
    • install python
      • in China, you might need a mirror inside to install it.
      • v=2.7.9|wget$v/Python-$v.tar.xz -P ~/.pyenv/cache/;pyenv install $v
      • change version and you can get the mirror from sohu, and if it doesn't work you need to find another one.
      • reference
  • Atom
  • Shell tools
    • tree -> yum install tree

Settings List

  • share folders
    • vm > settings > Options > shared foldes
  • Copy and paste from windows


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